This place is made possible by talented and professionals with great passion, including:

Miss Luisa Vazquez

Editor, Interviewer, Writer, Blogger and Herself

Words: I just do

Expertise: Whatever any doesn´t know on the Matter.

Miss Tali Rosu

Editor, Writer, Video Producer, Audio Reviews

Words: Be happy, but not at the expense of someone else’s happiness


Founder, Comic Hero and D.Editor

SLD Holder, Miss Social

Words: Don´t Bother

Expertise: General Matters

Miss Samantha Clark

Sculpture, Photography, Editor& Language Safety Service

Words : Better to support a Writer with Dyslexia than a Clay Figure.

Expertise: Knowledge Share and Care, Multiple Text, Music on Earth and Aesthetic Matters

Mr. Matteo Orlandini

Illustration, Visual Effects, Travelling.

Words: Don´t make a fuss but a collage.

Our beloved Ms is a Mistery, for now.


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