Saint Valy and the Love Depression

Every year for Valentine’s Day things change, people love each other differently so I suggest we should also adjust the Saint´s name.  


From Pinterest( click here), 1920 original.

In 1929, for an example, we start to have in addition to love, the story of the Massacre and that was stressful.

From Wikipedia source( click here):

” At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 14, 1929, seven men were murdered at the garage at 2122 North Clark Street, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago’s North Side. They were shot by four men using weapons that included two Thompson submachine guns. Two of the shooters were dressed as uniformed policemen, while the others wore suits, ties, overcoats, and hats. Witnesses saw the fake police leading the other men at gunpoint out of the garage after the shooting.”

From WikiArt( click here) , original 1930

Love evolve in curious ways.

There was another episode, in Roman´s time AD 269 and consequently we hit the quid of the issue of our article:

” The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, it grew into an occasion in which couples expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[9] In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart”, as well as to children to ward off epilepsy (called Saint Valentine’s Malady).”

From Wikipedia( click here)

Everything in romantic love starts with Chaucer and the representation of Saint Valentine´s Day in the 14th century.

Le Roman De La Poire, circa 1255

In the 15th century.

Detail of a 15th-century miniature depicting an allegorical court of love

In the 18th century.

But all of it was very naive, I mean we all know how strict was the medieval and further, this is false advertising, these people, they were forced to marry and declare eternal love.

For this year, I wish to all a happy celebration of Love, from a point of view that doesn´t include any impositions nor consumerism. Let us forget about sad stories, history, religion and think about pure love.


This paint( click here) has nothing or very litlle to do with our Saint but is gorgeous.

I invite the reader to do its own search in Google about Pure Love and take its own pick.


Is silly but we got many depressions out of love and I just think about Valium( click here).

” On Nov. 15,( 2013) that famous little pill—Valium—marked its 50th anniversary. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1963, F. Hoffmann-La Roche’s drug, marketed to “reduce psychic tension,” went on to become the Western world’s most widely prescribed answer to anxiety—and the first drug to reach $1 billion in sales.”

” Prescriptions for diazepam, Valium, were down to 14.8 million last year( 2012) , according to IMS Health. That’s far behind its market rivalalprazolam(the generic for Xanax), with 48.8 million prescriptions.”

” Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) say that almost 300 million people have an anxiety disorder.”

I´m just saying that the studies are pointing worse therefore is better to admit the new era and forget about the classic Saint Valentine.


” Terror Management Theory (TMT) suggests that culture serves as a psychological defense against the terror inherent in human existence. TMT proposes that cultures serve the vital psychological function of making anxiety-buffering self-esteem available to humans by providing world-views and standards of value to achieve within that description of reality. Persons whose faith in that world-view is strong and who see themselves as living up to its standards of value achieve the anxiety-buffering effects of self-esteem needed in an existentially terrifying world. Because a hegemonic global capitalism and its cultural impositions guarantee that in a cultural meaning system that affords anxiety-buffe ring self-esteem to only the “winners” of the great competition, most people will perceive themselves as “losers.” TMT predicts increased anxiety and social distress because a global capitalist system and culture will offer psychological sustenance to a minority of the world’s people. This paper will review the theory, its empirical supports, and offer a set of hypotheses derived from the predictable psychological, social, and behavioral consequences of a global capitalist system and culture.”

Click here to the original.

I suggest we should change the name, from Saint Valy to Saint Xanax, that´s all.


Wishes you all a Happy Xanax Day.





I have been able to spot this today, I thought it was funny to consider odd painting your house, cutting the grass or trimming the hedge.

I try then to find out what other sources think about Odd Job.


1.Chicken sexer

Beats being a garden maintainer, I mean I rather ten times more to cut the fence then to force on chickens to do anything at all, out of whatever they feel like doing.

2.Penetration Tester

Weird stuff name, I mean you are being hired to rob banks, they pay for it and afterward they say that is legally wrong, hell yeah but exists.

3. No presentation needed

4.The best for the rest

Quote from Article( Click here)

5.Armpit sniffer

6.The best job to me among these

If I can choose, I rather be a witch or an ufologist, don´t mind me though and take your own pick, they say work is noble so Heigh Ho.


Aloe Vera from Piplantri


I spot this news today, talking about Piplantri, a village from India, planting trees and aloe vera plants. I was curious about their products.

Link to post ( click here)


There is a sort of a movement on advertizing about planting trees. I feel like we started a bit before the Amazon´s disaster, while now, still drying our tears after the Australia .

“Day of Fire” on August 10, 2019, Brasil(click here)

They say there is always hope and I trust this, because Ethiopia, by example, they have managed to anticipate the future and take measures, to be precise, they managed to plant 353 million trees on Monday( click here).

I cannot say what Monday we talk about, nevertheless the article is from 29 of July 2019.

Let us see some facts about Ethiopia, wiki source: “Despite these improvements, it remains one of the world’s poorest countries.[33] In addition to poverty, Ethiopia faces hunger, corruption, weak infrastructure, and poor access to health and education (with an illiteracy rate of 51%), ranking in the worst quartile on the Human Development Index. The Ethiopian government’s respect for human rights also remained poor.”

Now, let us see some facts about Brasil: Brazil is the largest national economy in Latin America, the world’s ninth largest economy and the eighth largest in purchasing power parity (PPP) according to 2018 estimates. Brazil has a mixed economy with abundant natural resources. After rapid growth in preceding decades, the country entered an ongoing recession in 2014 amid a political corruption scandal and nationwide protests.

Now, I am happy to say that Ethiopia did a great job here, with very litlle resource. ” Ethiopia planted (click here)more than 353 million trees in 12 hours on Monday, which officials believe is a world record.”

Anyhow, before Ethiopia, there was a precedent in the same India.

More than 800,000 people in the state of Uttar Pradesh attempted to plant 50 million trees on Monday in an effort to get into the Guinness World Records. The article above is from July 2016.

Ok, so my conclusion is that the Monday is the day to plant trees, nevermind where, when as long as is past 2006 and congratulations on this amazing task, of planting 50 millions plus another quarter of million.


” A leading member of the village started the initiative in honor of his own daughter, who died a few years ago.” 13 June 2013 (click here)

” Shyam Sunder Paliwal( click here)…Kiran, Paliwal’s 16-year-old daughter, died in 2006 – a tragedy he marked by planting the burflower tree. He went on to channel his grief into a mission.” 11 October 2018 ( click here)

” For the people of Piplantri in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, the birth of a girl child meant bad news. Female foeticide and infanticide were not unheard of. This was mainly due to the hefty dowry system prevalent in the village. Enters social campaigner and ex-sarpanch of Piplantri village, Shyam Sunder Paliwal who envisioned a bright future for the girls. He believed that if the parents of newborn girls planted trees and nurtured them for 18 years, they could arrange enough money for the girl’s wedding when she comes of age.”

” And Piplantri has not stopped at trees. After his wife was told by a traditional doctor that she could cure her chronic back problems by drinking aloe vera juice, Paliwal went on a planting spree of the succulent. Originally for his wife’s use, Paliwal realised that aloe vera also kept termites away from nearby trees and went about planting with even more of a vengeance.” 28 Octobre 2016( click here)


” The need for a quantitative tool to measure differences between tree structures is already apparent. (cf. Dobson (1975), Farris (1973), Sokal and Rohlf (1962), Bobisud and Bobisud (1972)). This paper takes the axioms for a distance function on the collection of partial orders given by Bogart and changes them to a form with more general applications. Axioms(click here) giving a unique distance function on any collection of binary relations are stated and the applications to tree structures and hierarchical classifications are discussed.”

This sounds complicated but they say there is need of at least 1,5 m between two trees. I will ignore this detail, and divide 50 millions to 900 km of the distance and I get 55.555 trees over a kilometre, therefore 55 trees onto a square metre.

I am also confussed by the advertizing on the aloe vera products from Piplantri.

Nevermind where I look at , I will find the same (click here) an empty website.

The initiative(click here) has also helped buoy the town’s economy. To keep termites away from the trees, many of which bear fruit, the village has planted more than 2.5 million aloe vera plants around them. “Gradually, we realized that aloe vera could be processed and marketed in a variety of ways,” the paper quotes one village leader as saying. So the community now produces and markets aloe-based products like juice and gel, among other things.”

So, I have read more than 30 articles to understand that we burn forrests down in the South to plant Trees in the North or similar, that we are being given an example from a poor man from India on how to take care of the future and also, that there are no sales of the Aloe Vera products, Piplantri Brand.

Nevertheless , I have been able to find this in Piplantri :

The villagers tell us that the last sparrows from the mountains have left because of the marble dust from the mountains across, and the rhythmic explosions from the marble mining industries that rock the very foundations of this little village.

This in The Pantanal of Brasil :

The present work is a study and research about gold mining as a main destruction activity in the district of Poconé northem border of the Pantanal in the state of Mato-Grosso. The inadequate way of using mercury during the process of treatment to obtain gold is worring. The study of the fauna and flora of Poconé is a way of contributing to the proc…”

Copyright to Alamy Stock Photography

There is also some trouble on mines in Australia :

Australia is teetering on the edge of a massive hole – one left by huge mines that may soon close. As they do, the country is playing a desperate game of catch-up to make sure the mining companies pay for the cleanup. But a legacy of limited environmental requirements means that even if that succeeds, the end of the coal boom will leave Australia pockmarked with unfilled holes.”

Same copyright on Photography, by Alamy

And don´t forget Ethiopia:

I don´t understand any of this, I was just looking for the Aloe Vera Piplantri products and seem impossible , I´ll just give up and buy a plant to grow home to spare this continous troubles of reading.

I also apologize for the inconsistency of my research and leave this beautiful song behind, to blame on Mr. Trump for all of this , as usual , with all my social love.


How to keep up on a good Thursday


Consider anyone

I´ m not saying that you have to be extroverted by force, just have the awarEness of the world around you. You are not on your own.

Be part of the nature

You don´t have to save all the ducks, trees and lakes on Earth but to care for what happens with it. You need the same air, light, water and ground.

Be emotive

Is not about crying with the sunset nor writing poetry constantly, but the recognition of what is inside you. We all have good days and bad days, it´s ok to share your thoughts.

Don´t Bother

Is paramount.

We may not know when we are in love or happy or satisfied but we all know for sure what is pain, a disagreement or a negative.



OreJ: No to the consumerism


Up to a point everything had happened normally. She was, as usual, in the middle of the park, sitting on a plush blanket and practicing the unbalance, at a rate of three depressions per minute and a deep cry every hour, to rest.

Illustration by Gembe.lembe

Two older gentlemen solved their litigation of chess with sticks, a group of young people juggled with the syringes because the new generation is that ecologist and recycler, a lady taught her son the photo of a sandwich and her daughter one of a dog of chocolate, cars polluted to their unfair extent and the park was just as patio as ever.

Where had this man appeared with his two briefcases? When had he started throwing 500 euro bills in the air and shouting: Freedom !? (Freedom, she seemed amused, looked out on the balcony and threw a safe at the man´s head, but she couldn’t have more details because she was happily in love with Anacleto)

The second shout of our man evicted consumerism and the third left him directly without a lung, thing that Ore J found interesting because it was a carcinogenic lung, also one of the few that remained on the face of the Earth since the last constitutional change .

But it happened that while she approached to study the aforementioned organ people began to act in a very rare way. Each and every one of those present, plus those who found out, plus those who did not arrive at the funeral but wandered around there, suddenly began to empty their bodies so that they could fill themselves with bills.

Suddenly the cancer lung was completely hidden under a pile of viscera, kidneys, hearts and bladders that nobody considered necessary.

Ore J cried, but this time out of grief and not because of rest because she felt so sad so much abandoned heart. It seemed even sadder than the Eclipse movie. And as if that were not enough, there were still beating and imploring for mercy, raising the little arms and crying with the aortic tears the size of leukocytes.

It was so depressing that Ore J. without thinking twice, emptied her body and then kept all the hearts she could inside. The gesture made her feel full and it is not trivial.

Unfortunately her mind could not be the recipient of so much sudden love, with which she opened, a Twitter account, won the sympathy of 50 million visitors, from even other worlds, which attracted her even more love and in the end they had to Practice euthanasia to save you so much suffering.

To date, Ore J. has a splendid selective amnesia but is usually declared schizophrenic because it seems more interesting.

Although, she don’t remember why.