Glasgow Symphony

A DIFFERENT PROJECT: Symphony of Chimneys, for oor Souls

Glasgow, is made by people.

You only understand the place if live in, no pretentiousness here and neverminding the area: is always beautiful.

Therefore, I would start to explain particular reasons, for any to observe with own eyes the Symphony of the Place: ready to perform the true size of the story.

I would invite artists, to figure out, how to design Glasgow from inside and through the Chimneys song, sing when living as they do: with respect for the human being, sense of the true communion and deep understanding of the soul.

Glasgow is empathy and goes beyond usual terms of bonds.

Don´t look to the pinnacles, spread as towers to refugee the sky.

Don´t look at advertizing nor listen on other terms: get a bus or a walk throughout the town, talk to the people and observe after the Chimneys, as they sing true soul stories.

Don´t lookt at shoes nor dresses, don´t try to get in front if not on hurry to live with respect and admit how much you like to listen on a true weegie accent.

Glasgow is the place to get all this features and more.

A Big House To Any.

A Place To Love.

A Warm Welcome To The Rain.

A Symphony To Share And Keep Caring.


With all chimney´s rains and songs and thankful to the kind Reader.