Alma Mater

There is no academical orientation

Is the honest truth, we are not keen on listening of talking, taking note and sitting an exam for days, we absolutely not pretend to stress out the potential love of arts and literature but to help it grow. Is a tough year to task on former actions, likewise asking for your forgiveness.

We saw ourselves unable to assist more classes.

According to it, we decide to bring the lecturers to us, on folks system, made of bits of knowledge and practical experience from around the world. Every each of the participant has a place in our heart and we are here to proof that enormous hospitality to public readers.

There are so much languages at the place we live to edit dreams.

So, why would we say no to a new one, especially when brings you the best in, with barely efforts. There is no other way to deeply remember our gratitude to their continuous apportations but by keeping all, personally into our hearts, deeply printed with no carbon damage.

We think details so you can fall in love with manufactured books and listen on interesting people

A hint of the philosopher’s attitude
A good taste
Party time


Rating: 1 out of 5.