The Sociolovist

Disclosure of Meanings


Taste for Quest




Performant to Charts


Technical but Not

Operates from Shadow

Paperless Inkless

Loving and Rewarding

Keepers Path

Misbook We Got this!


“Books, as known by authors and artists, are not the purpose. They do not engage the future.”

With more than our means, Misnich aims mega editions of international digitized coverage, modern resources of organic arts and storage. Existential, exponential and extrovert on method are perfect to our programme. As trusted you are invited to artist talks, random classes, group meetings and other “misnichities” on free admission or public pricing.

The efforts are produced by all, in collaboration with good deeds and institutions around the world and they often pay attention. We shall suggest a bursary to the Best Implication or most deserved Starup and let you know the result.

Become an Author or sale Exclusive Arts

Participants are invited to manifest their free will but we consider fair to align the terms. Therefore, the only to be consigned as “You tell Me” is the Sculpture fellowship.


Rating: 1 out of 5.