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About Social Love Sales

Read Me
Introduction to emerging editions and important steps to follow

Specific Content
The subject is love and its integration with our gratitude.

Pre Edition

Special People
There is a thin line between the agent, the editor and the fellowship

Enjoy and end up like happiest literary critics, friends as companions.

Records of progress, pricing propositions or interesting ways to commerce.

If the world notice us, we are glad to understand why


Alma Mater
What is the purpose to study and why we have no exams

Designed by practical experience to anticipate further necessity of extra education

Practice Hub
There is no better way but commencing, shake the letters, twist the grammar, dance

We should be aware of splendid works or attempts to eternal glory

Not published but perfect to draw the next line of the house of Misnich

Essential Matters
We need a good words accountant to keep up with such amazing guests


Best Story
Is the Love and afterward its kind and subkindnesses

We chat for hours, days, Mars and back and still have room for expression


I would love to talk to Eminem, Will Francis and Cher in person nevertheless the list is closed over the year

Amusing Stories
There are days when we read or observe, we need to share with the group or let go

Most wanted because of the honesty when telling the truth and nothing but the true of it

Novel Stone
A selection meant to upgrade a bigger museum or cuter editors.

Our Misbook is responsibly designed by sustainable actions. We have no clue about numeracy though.