3 Wonderful Stories of Queen Fabiola

We grow up the first stage of education, with amazing books of tales. Alike the edition particularly considered a good hint of the artist and style, from the eastern part of the Europe. To our case, Ms. Coca Cretulescu Seinescu, impossible to ignore during 1970- 90. Romania, as many, works for Ion Creanga, National Editorial Printer.

Is the name of a great author. He gave life to the most beautiful stories, which we shall try to introduce to the public, according to time scales.

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This is a splendid edition of the Childhood Memories by Ion Creanga, a key stone to any reader if curious about the popular tradition.

defrocked orthodox priest with an unconventional lifestyle, Creangă made an early impact as an innovative educator and textbook author ”

Wikipedia and a solid introduction.

As funny detail: the writer is always picking up on naughty demons, ends by talking with God toward the solution, while the main scene is about mother nature, organic village and lovely animals as inhabitants.

The two coins purse
There was once an old man, married with an old woman. The old woman had a hen and the old man had a rooster.

The old wife’s hen, laid two eggs a day and the woman ate a great many, but she would not give the old man a single one.

One day the old man lost patience and said:

“Listen, grumpy, you live as if you were in heaven, give me a couple of eggs so that I can, at least have a taste of them.”

This short introduction to infant literature and illustrators from Europe Classics, is meant a promise to the artist Victoria Tonner, dearly recommended.


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