On Paulo Coelho

I feel this wave.

This depression, normal to certain extent, is hitting the literature and I cannot stay quiet- I am going to talk, for the first and last time about Books or Authors that you cannot read.

I respect any human being man that try- if constant, uses nice words and makes money- any editor would say that is enough, nevertheless, when it comes to ideas, I think different, therefore the list.

1. Mr. Coelho, Paulo, I admire the sexy figure behind but he is so keen on talking about obsolet things, like religion, sex and money in cash- as my aunt but she is a nun and very serious about sins and so. Books like 11 minutes( click here), as worrying as Thousand´s of Apollinaire- puts at stack my mind.

2. Mr. Dan Brown, Not only the Issue, also the constant thrive to image a prophet, sweet and wise, inspite of decades of advance, which is quite unforgiveable. And the argument still sound like a pub quiz, sorry for the pub.

3. Eragon, One of those books you say to give a chance but is rotten and you end up crying the invested time and effort, to figure out nothing and worse, and there is a second part. Wins Sartre on Nothingness, because Cristopher Paolini is on time to repeat and he does. I wish him the best and give another try , ten years from now.

4. Sandra Brown, No, please. Don´t let her get your mind. I love her, she is an amazing lady, beautiful, smart and so but you are going to end up doing some crazy thing like getting married at first date or chasing the sweaty gardener and get in Court.

5. Stephanie Meyer, Be at least away from your conscious. She damaged a whole generation of kids and made them think they can fly, bite and so on, worse than Sandra at a Feminist Conference.

6. 6. 6. Grey, As Representant of a shady style. Because of him people started to look puzled when you ask for a snapchat and a Sex on the Beach is more adventutous to require for, than substituting Di Caprio on his island.

7. Revelation 22, First because we cannot understand much and second, because John never bothered to explain the whole thing, in spite of being the last to talk. I am sorry John and I love you, like any human being, even if the list includes you, I mean no harm.

P.D: And, the small chit- chat on how a women recovers her soul by killing her body, now that is a legal issue even in Mexico- close to Brasil or at least not so far as Europe. That is the reason why Mr. Coelho is the winner, but if you think different, dear reader, let me know and I shall proceed to a reevaluation.

Photography by © Wikipedia and Owners


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