Covid-19 for all but Salvini and pals

Since dear Mr. Trump has come out to the public with his love complaints, China does nothing but rain misfortunes it seems.

I greatly sympathize with the people of China: Between the rampant residual economy, the remnant communism and the unfavorable world politics, the poor do not look very good.
A bit like the Europe.
However, if the friction between great powers is understandable, I do not fully understand what is intended to be done with the old continent.

The situation looks very bad, in fact I am considering writing the biographical novel of my life, not for another, but after twenty years of European transhumance, I have too many people to say goodbye; scattered in almost all countries, it would not reach them otherwise. I would apologize for being naive to death.

I thought we were really in trouble but the map is drawn differently and the news does not help.

This morning, I find this:

So, how can this be? When did Mr. Salvini decide to come to the UK?

This article is from February 2020 ( click here to site)
And these are the numbers of victims from the same month.

It seems that Salvini had enough time to plan everything for the March agenda, except his own quarantine, in his own country, or I see no other explanation.

Why would you confine all the Italian citizens except for yourself, what kind of example are you, Mr. Salvini, sir , if you go to do the show in Liverpool while your country is locked down ?
Is the same nationalist show as in the WW2?

Sadly similar.

As Europe closes at borders for the commons, the mass murderers ride their jets and prepare financial conferences in London or Madrid.

The article explains how, despite the virus alert, 9,000 people gathered on March 8 in Madrid, to give to Mr. Abascal about 5 million of applauses over the benefits.

So, life goes on when it come to make money. Let´s cheer up folks, we shall get a valid explanation, at some point, about this new episode we share globally.

For now we know that we can wash our hands or get loanes.

As they compare this with 2008( click here) , I assume we are going the same path, with the difference that this time is not about helping us to buy houses but our life.

God help us all.


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