Tatiana Trapeznikova

The Magic San Peterburg

Image from Town & Country( click to original)
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I don´t speak the Russian language, not beyond a basic and I truly insist in present this artist , therefore I am going to jump in the pool and just let the image talk.

Tatiana calls her self a begginer , I dare to say that she has a beautiful own style already, out of conventional.

I personally see her in between of Frida Kahlo and the cristian Iconist, a graphic story teller, a mage of the story I would dare to say and even if I am not to be considered, think as San Petersburg is called the capital of world´s culture or the Cutural Mecca, they just do amazing things by inertia.

As Tatiana, she breaths the culture around her and generously shares with us hints of her unique perspective.

I will finish the introduction with the mention that, to my heart, San Petersburg is the most magic place on Earth because it gave birth to my favourite writer, Dostoyevski and many that I deeply admire, like Gogol Pushkin or Akhmatova, don´t forget Nabokov please.

Back to arts, I shall let Tatiana on scene, for any to be able to observe and appreciate her magic.

© Tatiana Trapeznikova

© Tatiana TrapezniKova

“So again we triumph!”

So again we triumph!
Again we do not come!

Our speeches silent,
Our words, dumb.

Our eyes that have not met
Again, are lost;

And only tears forget
The grip of frost.
A wild-rose bush near Moscow

Knows something of
This pain that will be called
Immortal love.

Anna Akhamatova

Photography ©Tatiana Trapeznikova, from San Petersburg

Editor´s gift

REVIEWS/ ARTISTS/ SAN PETERSBURG/ Татьяна Трапезникова/ MISNICH.CO.UK/ 25.02.2020/

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