PDay, Leaving song and Brexit


So, today is 02.02.2020, don´t tell me that is not just beautiful.

Front page photography from londoneconomic.com

Daily Mail,(click here) as observed lacks of consistency when counting, independently is a big deal day.

Whilst mentalfloss.com(click here) think different.

Talking about BIG DEALS, we´ve recently got our.

This is my own view of the thing

If there is a reset button there is a solution therefore, I don´t quite understand what happened, in spite of it I know that it was me three days ago and still me this magic day of February.

Brexit or not, the Divorce Bill is still an interesting concept to me, so I am to watch closely on Boris, how he manage to deal with the expenses for the whole country when I am unable to deal even with ex.

I also need Mr. Trump, President to understand on how to keep identifying myself from now on, independently on how I choose to cross the channel, if european with the right to wait on a decision of both Boris and Bruxelles and no contract on flights. No worries.

Let´s sing a songy and feel bongy.

I feel about Brexit what this sweet girl on its song about Lori.

So fuxx the mouse and let´s get done with this issue, as much as I understand that Bruxelles is crying after years of relationship, I like Tom Walker better.

No bother taken, I rather think about Palindrome Day and its significance to me.

02.02.2020 is a beautiful Sunday. We have the pleasure to enjoy a new stormy week and the beggining of Six Nations, which far away more important than separate millions of people with new stupid rules of same blind trade.


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