Guns and Lovers


“I’ll keep you from leaving!” he shot twice at his friend.

Rimbaud was three metres away from him, the first projectile touched him in the thick finger joint of his left hand and remained stuck in the body; The second crossed the wall thirty centimetres from the ceiling and was found in the fireplace the next day by the investigating judge. ”

Rimbaud and Verlaine

“Rimbaud took a handkerchief to stop the bleeding. He reached out to Verlaine safe to say goodbye. When he saw the blood-soaked handkerchief, he burst into tears and advanced to Rimbaud by opening his arms:

I’m sorry, i’m sorry. I hurt you!

It’s nothing, it’s nothing.

Take my revolver and kill me!”

Rimbaud and Verlaine

“Rimbaud burst into laughter. After calming down a little bit, the drama actors went to a clinic to bandage the wound. When they returned to the hotel, no one doubted what happened. Rimbaud didn’t want to report his friend. He wanted to leave Brussels as soon as possible. Verlaine asked him again to stay and give up the trip. As Rimbaud kept his, Verlaine decided to accompany him to the station.”

Rimbaud and Verlaine

” Anger has once again taken over Verlaine. “I don’t want you to leave!” The dispute got hot again and she was so violent, passers-by stopped to assist. Suddenly, Verlaine pulled the revolver out of the lip and lifted it in a threatening attitude. Two police officers, who were nearby, snatched his gun and led the two to the police station. Questioned about the origin of his wound, Rimbaud had to tell the story of what had happened. 47 shellcaswere discovered during the search of Verlaine. He was immediately arrested and taken to prison. “

Rimbaud and Verlaine


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