OreJ: No to the consumerism


Up to a point everything had happened normally. She was, as usual, in the middle of the park, sitting on a plush blanket and practicing the unbalance, at a rate of three depressions per minute and a deep cry every hour, to rest.

Illustration by Gembe.lembe

Two older gentlemen solved their litigation of chess with sticks, a group of young people juggled with the syringes because the new generation is that ecologist and recycler, a lady taught her son the photo of a sandwich and her daughter one of a dog of chocolate, cars polluted to their unfair extent and the park was just as patio as ever.

Where had this man appeared with his two briefcases? When had he started throwing 500 euro bills in the air and shouting: Freedom !? (Freedom, she seemed amused, looked out on the balcony and threw a safe at the man´s head, but she couldn’t have more details because she was happily in love with Anacleto)

The second shout of our man evicted consumerism and the third left him directly without a lung, thing that Ore J found interesting because it was a carcinogenic lung, also one of the few that remained on the face of the Earth since the last constitutional change .

But it happened that while she approached to study the aforementioned organ people began to act in a very rare way. Each and every one of those present, plus those who found out, plus those who did not arrive at the funeral but wandered around there, suddenly began to empty their bodies so that they could fill themselves with bills.

Suddenly the cancer lung was completely hidden under a pile of viscera, kidneys, hearts and bladders that nobody considered necessary.

Ore J cried, but this time out of grief and not because of rest because she felt so sad so much abandoned heart. It seemed even sadder than the Eclipse movie. And as if that were not enough, there were still beating and imploring for mercy, raising the little arms and crying with the aortic tears the size of leukocytes.

It was so depressing that Ore J. without thinking twice, emptied her body and then kept all the hearts she could inside. The gesture made her feel full and it is not trivial.

Unfortunately her mind could not be the recipient of so much sudden love, with which she opened, a Twitter account, won the sympathy of 50 million visitors, from even other worlds, which attracted her even more love and in the end they had to Practice euthanasia to save you so much suffering.

To date, Ore J. has a splendid selective amnesia but is usually declared schizophrenic because it seems more interesting.

Although, she don’t remember why.



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