Arnaud Fillion: The Musician


Photography and Music © Arnito

I had the opportunity to get in touch with Arnaud Fillion, through a small collaboration: a translation to one of his songs.

Mr Arnaud knew of me as little as I did at the time about his musical project, four, five years ago, however, he was happy with my contribution and I withdrew with the thanks of having been a part of it.

During this time we have evolved, independently and without news.

Today, through the interview section I can satiate so much of my curiosity about Kune project and new, make the virtual world a little more known about the beauty of an artist’s life and explain perhaps what it means to carry out such actions as to empathize on the sounds of multiculturalism, in relation to the care of the soul and the Earth.

Overmost, to discover more about the musician.

1. Dear Arnaud, I’d like you to explain what had lead you to the US.

In September 2017 I had the chance to be granted by the Helen Wurlitzer Foundation for a 3 months composer’s residency program in Taos, New Mexico. I took it as a great opportunity to dedicate my time there to create a project that had been growing in my mind for years and that would become “Kune”: a music that would link people and cultures from around the world, through messages of peace. The form would be a choir and a symphony orchestra, one of the main points being the various languages used in the singing, which would interact in every song, playing with their different logics and sounds. In my imagination, this multi-language nature would give more impact to the messages, and it would also be a way for both performers and listeners to make a step toward other cultures and people. In the creation process, I started by writing some original federating texts in French my native language), and then began to search for people around the world sharing the same philosophy, who could translate in their language, mainly using international English or Spanish alternate versions as intermediaries. In the end, about 50 languages are used by fragments in the 11 songs of the project, each translation having been recorded to serve as a phonetic reference to singers of the choir. This creation was made possible thanks to the collaboration of you and about 100 people from all parts of the world. It has never been performed yet, but hopefully it should be premiered in June 2021 in Paris if everything goes well. It is in process. A page is presenting all scores and demos, so that anyone can perform it if they wish.

“Kune”: a music that would link (click here) people and cultures from around the world, through messages of peace.

2. What is your relationship with France and the world at large at the level of development, artistic and personal.

France is the country where I grew up and where I live, so which gave a big part of my background. This is also the place where I am working at the most, in terms of concerts and final steps of artistic projects : I have a home studio in my hometown Annecy, in which I am spending hours, taking my time to record, experiment and mix my music. That’s the place where all my albums (18 to that day) are coming from. I am mainly a guitar player, and also play other instruments. According to the projects I like to collaborate with other musicians. In my process, I try not to be limited by a style and format, and not to repeat myself.

The world (including France) is my source of inspiration. By “world” I mean anywhere far from a routine, a secure predictable and connected life. I like to travel and was lucky to visit many countries, for music and other purposes. I really enjoy keeping travelling the way I started, about 15 years ago, without mobile phone, with minimum plans and taking my time to talk to local people, to listen to the nature and question myself: I find it a good way to get to know and work on what we really are and want, and certainly to serve art and creativity by being open and receptive. I think most of my best compositions were written not only in foreign countries but also in minimalistic environment which didn’t distract me from my music.

3. If it were to define your creation in general, in a word, what the adjective would be.


4. Of everything you have created to date, what’s your favorite song is and why.

This is very difficult question, because there are so many, with so many different aesthetics, contexts and messages. My favorite songs are changing every day, because every day is new and my mood and expectations are changing. Ok but let’s play the game: today I am quite happy with my “concerto pour guitare et orchestre” that is going to be released soon, performed by Johan Smith and the Budapest Symphony Orchestra… Why? because first of all I really enjoyed following the inspiration flow that guided me writing its bases. Then I worked on the orchestration, adding many details and building it as a journey passing through different imaginary sound landscapes, coloring the essence of it. As a result, I think that every listener and performer will get a different perspective from it, but still emotions and this idea of traveling through music will remain at the center.

5. What music means to Arnaud.

A gate to another dimension, a bridge to emotions, a link between human beings, an endless source of apprenticeship, a mirror reflecting our personality and our evolution through time. A way to express our feelings, emphasize the arrows of life. A testimonial of people and eras.

6. What idols you have.

Keith Jarrett, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Rachmaninov, J.S. Bach, Django Reinhardt, Chet Baker, Sylvain Luc, Pat Metheny, the pine tree next to my building.( click blue link)

7. What life means to Arnaud.

Life is the most beautiful present that we might ever have. It is like a miracle for which we should be thankful, and in front of which we should really always stay humble, accepting its rules. It might mean only a short period of time for each of us here on earth, that’s why we should enjoy and respect it at the same time. We should not forget that life was there before us and will continue after, so it’s our duty to learn from previous mistakes, and do our best for the next generations, and the balance between all living creatures and elements. To me, life is not a period of time that we should spend with conflicts, animal murders, plunder of natural resources… I truly believe that individual and global focuses on what is essential and the spreading of positive messages are the keys to harmony, for the present and the future.

8. If you were to talk about the best aspects to be highlighted, in terms of the relationship between life and music.

Music and life are embracing each other, working together in a perpetual circle.

Music has the power to provide light or darkness to our lives, to take out tears, smiles, and to question anyone taking time to merge into it. Music can give hope to the most unfortunates and express about an infinite panel of emotions.

…And Life hast he power to generate music. It is nourrishing composers and musicians. People are writing and playing music because they know the magic of sharing moments through it. The audience, the previous and contemporary composers, the dancers, friends, themselves, the nature, the experiences of life : all of this and about everything in life can turn to motivations for creating music.

9. Would you share some of your other passions?

Premier album de compositions en duo kora / guitare à 7 cordes “Nisondia” au format vinyle !! réalisé grâce à la manufacture de vinyles à Doussard. Il sera disponible à la vente lors de nos prochains concerts : ce soir Jeudi 22 Août, 19h au Saravah (plage d’Angon), demain 23 à la Charniaz (Bauges), Samedi 31 à Marin ( and more)

I think music is my only real passion, in the sense that I could not really without it, and that all my life depends on it. However, as I already mentioned, I love to travel and during many of those trips I enjoyed taking photos. In the beginning I was more interested with people and exotic cultures, but by the time I realize that my subjects are turning to be more landscapes and animals. I already had the opportunity to make some exhibitions and to perform some concerts with a projection of my photographs in the background. It was a nice way to share some travel experiences and to propose a visual link between what I am playing and the context from which many compositions came out from.

10. Would you give me a couple of tips for artists in general?

new technologies have broken as many boundaries as they have built walls between people...

Today the world is changing so fast and new technologies have broken as many boundaries as they have built walls between people. In my opinion, an artist should be careful not to drown into the excess of information and expectations of people. It might look very practical to have now instant access to about any tricks and techniques to develop, understand and work on about any form of art… but we should not forget that everything is a matter of balance: once we have a direct access to an information, it also mean that we are losing the way to get there… and most of the time, from my experience, that’s on the way that we are getting to understand ourselves, our inner vibration and collect the most significant elements to build our personality. The way is crucial to make the final information ours and treat it not as a giant unity but as a sum. So we should always allow us to invent our own ways, follow our intuition and experiment without necessary taking the general path.

11. If you were to design a perfect world, how you would organize it in a few steps.

I would start with changing the human nature. Everyone would be respectful of the nature and would not know hatred, jealousy, cupidity… or at least would know how to control it. Man would also be aware of the limits not to cross to keep the balance on earth.
Then, about education, children would not raise in any form of competition. They would be taught all principles of tolerance and understanding of the other one. They would learn pratical things in priority and there would not be any standard : every individual would have its own qualities and limits and wouldn‘t be judged for what they can’t do.
I think this could be the bases of a better world, but then I don’t want to design it, because for me, a perfect world would still surprise me everyday.


I am composing and playing music to express inner feelings, discover new parts of myself, provide emotions and guideness to people.

14. A Goodbye for the general public.

Thank you very much, I was happy to share those reflections about art and life with you. I hope that you will take some time to listen to my music and get as much pleasure listening to it than I had creating it. All albums links and infos are on my website: . To all of you, I wish you the best in your lives, which also means my life, because we all are connected.


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