Photography (of a Bride)

BLOGGER 7.3.16 21:44

She was wearing a white dress,

“So what” branded,

without glass shoes

nor added beauties,

while half of those present

they criticized the impiety

and the other half

evoked it nostalgically.

She was walking on red carpets of Ikea,

wet by a supposed rain of bad weather,

regardless of the storm of false rice,

not even the beads, cast by hell demons

and less the neighborhood talk.

She went,

when the others returned

and how it rained,

Oh. How it rained …

I was the Nikon camera,

paid to portray impartially

an unforgettable day

and I did it,

perched on my artistic balcony

where fate does not reach,

nor the ashes of what is told.

She went walking,

between my shots and other shots,

under the protection of a hand

that could be anybody but it was that one,

It was until the end of the rice

and the bankruptcy of Ikea.

She went.

I changed my camera for another,

focusing angles widened

and all complaints were erased.

Among memories she is still,

dressed in her rain

and its white dress

“So what” branded.


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