Special Edition: Christmas with OreJ


Since 2001, I keep looking at William, every single Christmas and is just an amazing feeling, nevermind the chosen language.

A poor boy, struggling with the emptiness of a medieval society builded to separate families and keep the fame into the same field, of their privileged owners.

Is nice to see him thriving, each 25 of Decembre, as is nice to see that love can prevail; in the interpreting of late Heath Ledger for sure.

Stardust, it is not meant to be a second place at all, but the movie came in 2007, therefore it has to be this way.

I call this guy William too and he´s so sweet: he goes, not all the way to Ipswich, to make sure he gets not a polar bear but a true Star. I have to be honest and say that I am happy that Lady Gaga wasn´t around the studio at the time.

And, of course, this is the best for the rest and final recommendation.

You would be able to watch the BBC last release, improved with fancy zombies or maybe Greta playing the Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg and tell me about it.

I rather keep talking about William and its concept of thriving with a stick.

So, basically, you have to get a gear, not sure how to get the horse on road, try to make it to a place that is forbbiden to your social status and go for a new faith, that brings you the same Sun on different shine.

Kvothe, makes a perfect William too.

If pleased, dear reader: go to Patrick Rothfuss website and ask him please to hurry on a movie production! is insane to wait for so long, for each step and I would like to launch my own Thrilogy to Save the World, while no one cares for books.

This is the reason for John Snow to be still hidden in frozen mists and never make it to a William place in my heart, sorry to say it.

I do know that Aragorn is not preciselly a poor boy, yet I consider him a good William, by action, sword swing and honesty and you have to admit: is not easy to be placed in front of Mordor, say get it and have it.

Well, that is the William Model I talk about.

Ragnar is not a theme for Christmas, I know that much, in spite of that litlle detail, he is still part of the name kind , action kind and own kind of William.

Is a preety energic Model, travels a lot and is forced to confront nasty situations, which he does like a true hero. Love him, he deserves the best.


Andrzej Sapkowski did a good job, I assume, Netflix spends loads of money, as I can observe, still Geralt is missing on scenes and that is a true pitty.

I found such a mess into the Witcher´s argument, that is impossible to understand the purpose of Geralt, above being the greatest.

I don´t advise this for Christmas but you can give a chance, to try to understand what the Cosmos does , why the Chaos reacts to Cosmos or why on Earth is need of so much bloody monsters.


Google´s definition may help to distinguish a hero from a not hero:

Will1/wɪl/verb modal verb: Will

  1. 1. expressing the future tense.”you will regret it when you are older”
    • expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future.”come what may, I will succeed”
  2. 2. expressing inevitable events.”accidents will happen”
  3. 3. Similar: have a tendency to, are bound, to have a habit of do”

William Not William


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