Interview: Sam Sagaz Sculpture

Samantha Clark the Artist

Sagaz means into the Spanish Language: Perceptive.

Who is Sam, in general?

” Let’s start with my full name: Samantha Leigh Clark.

I am from the North East of England, a town called Middlesbrough to be specific. I love Middlesbrough, and I am truly proud of where I come from, ‘Up the Boro’- a term we’d use meaning ‘win’ – or happy and proud. However, before I go off on a tangent as usual… I am currently a student living in Glasgow, studying the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at The Glasgow School of Art. It is one of the broadest courses the school provides. Funnily enough, one of my favourite leading artists- Karla Black, studied the same course. I only found this out after I’d applied, I was buzzing.

Apart from studying I have a part-time job on the side, working in a pub. I find this balances out my everyday-life a little more, rather than purely focussing on work all the time, it allows my brain to focus on something else which is productive, I personally feel my ideas become more aware of themselves by taking that time out. Also, it’s a bit of extra money to cover other essentials, and maybe a few treats aka: clothes and food. I also listen to A LOT of music. I enjoy walking around Glasgow as its such an amazing city. “

Owner´s Facebook © Photography

The best day of your life?

” The best day of my life… ooo this is a hard one. I don’t specifically have one day because I’ve had many wonderful days. But one of them I could say right now would be, the summer just gone -2019 when me and my family went to Blackpool for the week. We were all on the beach and it was so sunny, my mam was chasing me for ages around the beach trying to throw me in the sea, I was screaming but laughing so much at the same time (one of those laughs were you cannot breath). Everyone on the beach was just staring at us and laughing. It was such a beautiful day. (She didn’t get me btw).”

Any moment, would you like to forget?

” I have these on the daily, but one embarrassing moment in my life I’d like to forget would be when I was about 13-14, me and my mates where climbing scaffolding (yes, very naughty), anyway – I remember laughing so hard at one of my friends, and back then whenever I laughed to hard I would always wee myself. So yeah, I was high up on scaffolding and I had a slight accident. My mates absolutely ripped me, and I just remember running home crying and freezing.”


I chose the sculpture and environmental art course because I’d consider myself an interdisciplinary artist, and this course was the broadest, and one I felt I would prosper in. One of my most beloved works to date would be a mixed media, sewed drawing of my grandad I made a few years back. I used heat transfer techniques and embroidery methods to sculpt the work. I’d consider it a textile piece; however, it’s not related to my current work but it’s one piece I really treasure.”

Who is your idol?

” I am currently in third year and I have two tutors who are: Justin Carter and Sue Brind. Both are readers in contemporary art practise. Justin’s work conveys his area of concern, which is ‘nature as human construct’. ‘Whilst Sue’s work plays on the tensions between rational forms of knowledge and the body as a site of understanding.’ Both are great tutors and have such innovative work.

Some of my favourite artists are; Anya Gallaccio, Karla Black, Merce Cunningham, Vivian Maier, Petra Collins, Baz Luhrmann etc… the list goes on. All of these artists are rather different from one another and have different methods of art practise.”

Have you heard Brincusi´s name?

” I wouldn’t say he is an artist I have thoroughly researched into; however, I understand he is greatly admired and recognised, and he is considered a pioneer of modernism. In terms of sculpture he is known to be one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. But I haven’t read deeply into his work. ‘The Kiss’ sculpture stands out to me the most, just aesthetically speaking.”


What is the biggest life dream ?

“My biggest dream (at the minute) would be graduating from the Art School in 4th year getting my BA with Honours. Well, I’d say that is my biggest goal. A dream would be to live abroad for a little while, developing my skills by being more aware of art from different places

My goal in arts is to continue reading into contemporary art and, gaining a broader knowledge of present and past work. Basically, to just keep creating and learning.”


I’d say keep working on whatever inspires you and wherever your interests are taking you. Trust in yourself, even on the days were motivation and creation seem far away, just make something/do something. It’s easy for me to say, but get your mind focussed. It sounds weird but – eat lots of good food: my grandad say’s ‘food feeds the mind’, and he’s right. Also don’t overwork yourself, if you don’t feel like working – don’t.”


Samantha Leigh Clark

” I’d love if anyone had more questions or feedback, if you’d would like to get in-touch with me for anything regarding; my work, ideas, the art school, my course, or just general questions…

Please feel free to email me: S.Clark2@student Or Send me a Facebook message: Samantha Clark

Thank you! “


It is us to owe gratitude my dear, for the article´s quality lays on your scarce time, caring soul and this huge amount of interesting information, provided so meaningfully.

I am sure that the public, reader of, agree with me that we owe to your kindness.

Therefore, I would dare to do steal more from such an sparkling artist and invite you to collaborate with us: to keep informing about Arts, such beautiful thoughts and who know, maybe celebrate together your dream:

Graduating from the Art School in 4th year and getting BA with Honours!



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