Author Review: Jack´s Clyde Glasgow

The book of GLASGOW TAXI

So , this particular night, on my way home I decide to take a black cab, in front of the Botanic Gardens, usual place to such task for whoever wants to know details.

There is a row of cabs, you always get the first one parked. Drivers are usually charming but this one was calling for particular attention with advertizing about a book, at Jack´s Clyde name: you ca not possibly imagine my surprise of finding out that it was him, in front of my eyes.

Jack Clyde was driving me back home. What a trip. What a chat.

Jack Clyde around Glasgow with the advertizing of this same Book

You can bet that I purchased the book and read it in less than a couple of hours, as I also promissed to Jack that I shall find him again and make him sign the front page. I mantain this and keep looking to each driver when the ocassion comes, trying to spot on the Author.

I am sure that he will show up, sooner or later, as this city is magic and always up, to reunite oor souls, around pubs, streets or the Town Centre.

Jack´s Clyde testimony

Now about the book: is the most amazing genuine stories, I was able to find out in four years, after The Poetry to Almighty Haggis.

Mr. Clyde is able to show bits of heart in each word and every single scene has a great dosis of knowledge, know how and humbleness, don´t talk about the sense of family or community.

Once a litlle man at the window, now a Taxi Co. Owner

Is vivid, the way that Jack Clyde tells the people the truth, fifty years ago to nowadays, nevermind when driving cabs or writing beautiful tells.

More than fifty stories, for the reader to find out about the beating hearts, special places, events: good or bad everything is to be dealt with and humorously shared.

To care even more about the Glasgow City, if possible.

Glad this time, to take awful pictures and respect the most of content.

In spite of my trickery, you can observe the variety of old stuff, new words, good attitudes, amazing places, things that happend in the 60s, the 80s or while you get to your destiny with any black cab.

You can read about Royal Infirmary Gladiators, Jane, Sandra or Ricky Fulton, laugh with Billy Connoly, cry with Calliper Jane, find out about the Orange March or the Ibrox disaster. Gate 13, January 2nd 1971, sixty six souls, RIP.

Jack Clyde know everything and talks about do´s and don´ts, Taxi´s story, Glasgow´s heart made by people´s story and even gives a Trade Jargon to the public, for us to find out that Working the Street means to have no communication and feeling that one´s vulnerable.

I assume so I should ask the Author if I see him again. Or you do the question, if want a black cabby and get the chance of a nice chat with such amazing writer, but don´t what I did, now that you are warned.

Start buying this book before landing in Glasgow, considering it a guide and also , you may be able to get Mr Clyde´s dedicatory at the end of your own trip to home.

OreJ, D.Editor.


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