Oor Wullie

Throwback: Baahubali2, better than WoW


Hello Bollywood and Good-bye Blizzard

Today, I talk about this amazing movie, still to be ended on my Netflix session; gave a life back on me so I owe a review.

More than an adventure

Nevertheless, I shall start to disclose on my memories, for any to understand, if pleased, why such importance to my absolute end on Blizzard.

More than an adventure

…it was a long summer when my eight years old son, decide to stop studying and start gamming…
A new life , a dimenssion to explore, a place to live.

There was people to talk with, like in real time not on video reproductions.
There was fun and time to work.
My son, never recovered the self esteem after being forced to quit and go back to study, sometimes I watch him and I think he still has nightmares. I try Tolkien, Rowling, Eragon and even Dan Brown, no chance to recover.
I farm, I level, I paly, I witch, I mage and I orc. I earn an orange item, of a long , earth ages forbidden serie of exclusive drops .
I spend days and months farming, to keep my son at school on lective days … No way I am going to quit – I said- not my son- I said- not other baby nor any unhappy gamer; I shall provide them with nice story, to sleep them tight with no need of Sleep Well * tea bags, different size and colour.
Edible become edition and election, a resurrection day, nowadays I watch more cinema and stay away of that nightmare, of being a collateral. No time to work, nor eat; not to dream about a gear: when pick one is already an old edition.
No way I quit on my son, I have to understand what is producing on him such suffer, when unable to play.

He feels old now: can you imagine your life, with no joy to stick at all, at twent-three and depressed for not being a gamer any longer?
The gamer is a cousin, on early twelve.
Hugo: not on Lost but on Z, Jay, and Jay Z , something for sure not on Netflix.

Sorry Emi, this is reality and nothing like, sorry, nothing like …- take a deep breath, I can do it!- nothing like…¡wait a minute, nut, this is but dearest Mr. President! even a ringer is able to see, I shut up and count to write; not in mood to spell but casts so let´s criticize sensible things.

Like my beautiful movie, better than WoW and crafted with so little budget.

This is a different story.
And is about hope, love, respect and good thoughts about Mother Earth.
I cannot talk much more, but is amazing how they care about each other and even about elephants.
You just have to see this.

A most beautiful film, for: 2,500,000,000 Indian Rupee equals 26,693,975.00 Pound sterling.

WoW is worthed at: $450 million to break-even and also the game adds a nice sum:

so A privacy reminder from Google: “Search Results– Featured snippet from the web: $200 million”

Now this is different, as per total we get 650.000.000. **


Nevermind the answer,

Oor Wullie

just go to the next section, please,

Run, give up like myself, when trying to farm golden mounts for a son to study.

And listen on the featured song, to friendly end this vanilla story about games on movie critics.

Say you, say me: still is too much WoW to pay.

Therefore take it or leave it, is the recomendation for oor Thursday .



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