Saturday Post: Interview of the Week

Firts True Artists to agree to be here, at Thank you all, with all my websited heart.

Today, with us, Special: Indie Editor, Writer and Writer To Confirm:

About Writing and Editing

It is the same act to grab a pen and start to write or you need to think about it? You think about the pen, the text, the reader? Do you write to live or for a living? Adapted

Consuelo is writing for pleasure, to share and to care; she never thought about making a living but giving for free, bits of her heart.

Consuelo Pérez Gómez

“ … ha, ha, ha…
I do anything but writing.
I read: Márquez, Cortázar. I study Nietzsche, I blog. I don´t consider my value in, but the therapy I get out of. I appreciate the Spanish market of books because of its variety: each of us can find a taste and would be amazing, always.

For sure I don´t consider myself a writer nor a future one; again, I do enjoy very much of the process of writing and I keep going: naturally for one´s self. I have some words for the English Speakers, of course- She smiles like an angel-: “Writing is life”, “Optimistic vocation in pessimistic approach”, “ Read and walk, know how to look and talk” Thank you all, love youse! “
Mr. Parrina, Pedro to us and a great soul- is an Artist to become brand; he writes because he needs to explain a coloured and sensitive point of insight view, for others to enjoy and pay back the good feeling, not to the artist himself but to the Universe, to make it brighter.
Pedro Parrina
  “…snif, snif … flue…”

Pedro, apologize the fever, has nothing to do with the subject, but he can tell you this: he even writes.
He use to sit down, eight hours daily, release heartish, considerate thoughts , never about sales but didn’t work: you have to be a product.
Therefore, now he´s more a brand than any else:
” I do marketing, transport, readers support and many other; there is no writing involved as you can observe.”

He also writes published books, paintes a gallery of canvases and got degrees and uni certificates but is not enough to the wide public.
Luis still needs to work over the author issue, contemplating D2D and B2Me, as money is absent in own market after spending funds in editing; probably a soul trade, mistake of hearted strategy.
For the English, general public of readers:
“Please, keep your hearts up, winter is coming to soul!”
Cristina Moreno, Cuatro Hojas is a splendid Soul, a whole brand and an attitude to follow.
A quid of our writing, Publisher and CEO.
Cristina Moreno  

I would love to say: Hello, but I must be honest and say Hola.

I am not a quid nor a strong brand, able to support similar in more than 130 countries of Spanish language speakers; I don´t publish enough in Spain, to call myself out of admissions.

Nevertheless I do a good cooking for my family, and that is all matter to my heart and soul.
I love to get fresh product from local market, to juice, slice or oven, for to be able to feel the beautiful taste of local culture, free of chemicals; is all I ask for.
I would love to tell you to pop in and have a Tapa (also “cover” in original language) but I do understand that a rice from Valencia needs to be cooked in New York and Extremadura has myself; for now cannot be asked to eat more, nor better.

For the rest of the souls: Hello, Ciao, Voulez-vous a veul au vent, Sayomayo, Misnich papaya”

Moreno- name, different at reality , can be interpreted in Spanish as Darkish, when referred to aspect. I have always found funny to be called to attention as: morenaaaaaa! when the Sun is usually at 40 degrees and everyone is preety much burnt

Ultimately, Charles Bukowski´s advice for the day, to our readers to feel wrapped in good, positive and energic action, if not writing already; as this is the end of the article and they´re not getting any extra.

“Three or four nights out of seven. If I don’t get those in, I don’t act right. I feel sick. I get very depressed. It’s a release. It’s my psychiatrist, letting this shit out. I’m lucky I get paid for it. I’d do it for nothing. In fact, I’d pay to do it. Here, I’ll give you ten thousand a year if you’ll let me write.” 

Mi/thx/com, expressing individual points of respect , to the English Language in general: for a truthful content and the integration of own experiences.
Please be sensible to Dyslexia and chip in, your kind advice, if any coma left behind.




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