Élite, Netflix

Triste retrato de un panorama que el futuro de España no merece las encinas y de su trayectoria Hablamos de un lugar exclusivo ( click here) en el mapa de Madrid, capital. Lo que queda de serie se beneficia de tres elementos fundamentales al succeso mediatico : es parcial, discriminatoria y bien financiada. Encontré muy […]

Why we love animals

TEN PROBABLE REASONS TO IT I. They are likely to get your hearts. They are enjoyable, crazy nuts, cute, impulsive, crabby, independent, hilarious, messy, stressy, sweet, adorable, just like us, so you kind of end up loving them. II. They are always there You can count on them to be home when you go back […]

On Paulo Coelho

I feel this wave. This depression, normal to certain extent, is hitting the literature and I cannot stay quiet- I am going to talk, for the first and last time about Books or Authors that you cannot read. I respect any human being man that try- if constant, uses nice words and makes money- any […]

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